Best Government Job Exams in Assam 2021: All Upcoming Central and State Government Exams in Assam for Recruitment

Best Government Exams in Assam 2021 :  In this article we  will provide you the information related best government exams in Assam & India for govt recruitment. Government Exams are one of the most sought-after exams in India. This section a lot of information have been shared among the govt job aspirants, such as list of Government Jobs Exams, latest job updates, vacancy, exam date, results, admit card, cut-off, selection procedure, important dates, Best method for preparation , salary , toppers interview and other relevant topics.. we will share the latest information of UPSC Exams , APSC Exams , SSC exams , Bank exams , Railway exams , Defence exams , Teaching exams , Central Govt. & State Govt jobs  in terms of education qualification, age limit, board, location, experience  , salary etc. . 

In Assam, Why Every student prefer Government Jobs ?

1: Security

This is perhaps the greatest reason for getting into government jobs for indian youth. Once you are in, your life is secured. Your service is protected by the Constitution of India.

2: Salaries

The salaries of government servants are quite good now. A freshly appointed Group A officer starts with an annual salary (with allowances) of around Rs 10 lakhs per annum as . The salaries are still better for the lower level employees. A government driver start getting around 20,000 of salaries with HRA, Medical, LTC, TA, Children education allowances etc which may amount to not less than Rs 30,000 per month. A senior driver gets around Rs 50 thousand a month. Where do you get such salary in private sector ?

3: Power

The country is run by the government officials. They have all the power to take decisions in their domain. Power gives them respect because people wish to know you for getting the work done.

4: Perks

In some services the perks of the government are fantastic. specially in grade A and Grade B jobs,You get a big bungalow, a car and even a person to work at home.

5: Seniority Based Promotion

One of the typical features of most government service is that your promotion is based on seniority. This means that you don’t have to go out of the way to please your boss or the organization. In private sector, it is difficult to get promotion unless you keep your bosses happy by any means.

6: Illegal Perquisites

It is also a fact that a large number of people are attracted to government services for the illegal perks and corruption. They think that they can make large money by corruption without getting punished. The times have changed and a large number of government officials are arrested and punished, but the mindset is difficult to change.

7: Relaxed Life

Most government officers (except police and army) have relaxed life. . They work only within officer hours and they get almost 160 days of leave every year. The working condition in private sector is far more difficult, where there is practically no working hour and least leaves and holidays.

Best government Job Exams in Assam 2021 :

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