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  Universities worldwide have seen a constant rise in the number of Indian students enrolling for a degree away from their home country. The main reason behind their choice is the fact that the Indian job market appreciates a degree from a top international university more compared to an Indian’s Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. In a latest data, it is published that,  India is one of the biggest sources of international students to foreign countries and is a major contributor to the economy for these countries. According to the Indian Students Mobility report by the World Education Service (WES), the number of Indian enrollments abroad is the second highest after China.

  Additionally, universities from several countries provide top quality higher education, far better facilities and most importantly, focus more on research than Indian universities. So, which are the best countries to study abroad?

  According to data collected by AssamIQ Team, the top five countries where Indian students choose to go abroad are:

  1. UK
  2. Canada 
  3. Germany 
  4. Australia 
  5. United States 
  6. Italy 

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